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Washaun Ealey Transfer Announcement Pleases Georgia Football Fans

Complicated student-athlete Washaun Ealey will soon transfer from the Georgia Bulldogs football program, ending one of the most entertaining runs in Athens history -- and a decent Sanford Stadium career to boot, if one that fell short of what might've been.

Kyle King at Dawg Sports shakes his head at Ealey's failings, but did not come to bury the tailback:

That is not to say that I wish the young man ill, or that I am prepared to dismiss the announcement of Ealey's release with a flippant "good riddance to bad rubbish." Washaun had his struggles, but he hardly qualified as rubbish, even if his judgment needed improvement, both on and off the field.

However, so far the Dawg Sports community is very happy to see Ealey gone. Georgia fans can all hope the outgoing No. 3 serves as an example for Isaiah Crowell, the player most likely to take over at the position Ealey held for most of the past two seasons.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.