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PHOTO: Kris Durham Jumping Over His Mother Just Because

Did you know former Georgia Bulldogs WR Kris Durham can jump over his standing mother? Can you jump over your standing mother? I bet you can't. I can't. This is why we do not play for the Seattle Seahawks. This is the only reason.

From a video at of team general manager John Schneider talking about the club's 2011 NFL Draft picks, here's a photo of Kris Durham jumping over his mother (she is his mother, and he is jumping over her):


The best part of this photo is Granddad cooling on the tailgate chair by the curb in his bright red sweats. In his day, young fellas hurdled ladies all the time in order to avoid grazing them in public, a sign of disrespect. Most kids these days don't take such care with their mothers, but Kris Durham does. This is why he's a Seattle Seahawk. 

ht SB Nation Seattle

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.