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Georgia vs. Boise State: Broncos Fans Are So Cute When They're Cocky

AW. Y'all, lookit: They're just adorable when they play grown-up at this age.

Boise State fans no doubt have more cause to "jaw" during this offseason that almost any other program in the country, but our pals at One Bronco Nation Under God are still showing their relative inexperience when it comes to the finer points of talking said jive.

The first rule of poking at an obsessive fan base like Georgia's: don't confuse which division they've belonged to for 19 seasons (Ed. note: this has since been corrected by OBNUG). This gives them an out to totally disregard your analysis as wholly uninformed rather than give you the respect you deserve. (Simple fact checking can prevent a commentary trolling Blitzkreig the likes of which Idaho Vandals bloggers could never mount. SEC fan bases keep a thousand-man reserve of web surfers ready to pounce with feigned outrage at any moment, like a militia of mom's basement minutemen.)

But there's a lot to like about OBNUG's analysis, and in turn, a lot to like about the confidence of this program's fans. 

To say that the season opener is more important for Georgia than BSU may not be that far off. A win and the Bulldogs could very well be a Top Ten team from midseason on. A loss to the Broncos followed by a loss the following week to South Carolina, and there are going to be some very upset Fran Tarkentons in Athens. 

Again: AW. While no one doubts the very literal widespread panic brimming in Athens, Boise's chances at maintaining a national profile will all but disappear if they drop this game, even with TCU on the regular season slate.

Our favorite part of the preview? The omission that Boise has never beaten a SEC team. From the heart of the most self-aggrandizing football fans in America, we salute you - that's some kind of presumption. Maybe it's the Broncos' inherent lack of a conference identity (who could blame them) that would allow them to disregard such a sacrosanct stat* but more than likely it's the nouveau riche assumption that beating Oklahoma in a bowl game is something special.

Don't get us wrong - it's great to have new neighbors. God knows the year-round infighting gets old, and out-of-conference foils like the Sooners and Ohio State have grown stale in recent seasons. But pardon us if we snicker at your new money behavior. In the cul de sac of college football powers, Boise just pulled up in a Lincoln Navigator with Carmax tags. (I KNOW.)

* - sacrosanctity not valid if stat is nulled by beating Arkansas in a bowl game

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.