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Kentucky Basketball Fans, Don't Use Alabama Football Math As Precedent

Kentucky Wildcats fans are rightfully upset about the NCAA forcing the school to pretend like basketball coach John Calipari has yet to win 500 games. I say this not because I get why it's such a big deal, but because it's a basketball issue, and I trust Kentucky fans to know what's a big basketball deal and what isn't. And it involves the NCAA, which we can presume is wrong about everything. 

It will surprise nobody to note the NCAA's hypocrisy and inconsistency on the issue of vacated wins, for instance.

The Alabama Crimson Tide football program's treatment of Nick Saban's resume has been cited by UK supporters as evidence of the NCAA's unfairness. Well, of course it is. Until Bama throws Saban a party for his 149th win, the NCAA won't have time for this s---, to borrow a Sabanism.

But the more important hangup: you ever tried getting three or four Alabamans fans to agree on the Tide's national title count? It starts to sound like an auction.

Soon as we can nail down which numerals should be used to denote the basics of Alabama football, then we can start worrying about whether the school's website should be allowed to trumpet Saban's vanished wins.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.