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2011 NBA Draft News: Trey Thompkins Likely A Second Round Pick

When this season began, it was thought that University of Georgia forward Trey Thompkins was a potential lottery pick. He won Preseason SEC Player of the Year but his season essentially failed to live up to the hype. Thompkins helped lead Georgia back to the NCAA Tournament and was solid but not spectacular. Injuries played a part but Thompkins has seen his stock slip significantly to where most projections have his as a solid second round pick. 

In a draft that is as wide open as this one, it is still possible that Thompkins could sneak into the first round. Recently ESPN analyst and NBA Today Podcast host Ryen Russillo tweeted that Thompkins had a much better shot at being selected in the first round than teammate Travis Leslie

If you look at Draft Express' Mock History for Trey Thompkins, you will see that he has been steadily on the decline. Currently Draft Express projects Thompkins as a second round selection to the Indiana Pacers. That is interesting considering Thompkins apparently received a positive vibe after his workout with Indiana as his Twitter status indicates.

Great workout with the Pacers... May be on to something. #blessed

I believe Thompkins has the ability to be a solid player in the NBA. He possesses a deft inside touch and a solid post game even without elite athleticism. His biggest obstacle could be his body and conditioning as his 15.5 body fat percentage at the Draft Combine suggests. If he is in shape then a team could take a late first round flyer. At this point though it would appear that he is likely to go in the second round and probably won't fall past Indiana at No. 42. 

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.