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2011 NBA Draft News: Travis Leslie's Stock Steady Throughout Draft Process

Travis Leslie appears to be on the same plane as Iman Shumpert and Trey Thompkins. It would not be terribly surprising to see him picked at the end of the first round or sometime in the second. Leslie has first round athleticism but at 6-foot-4, doesn't quite have the size to play the small forward position. As a shooting guard, Leslie's jump shot is rather erratic although it has improved. 

Where Leslie will likely excel is as a wing defender where he can best take advantage of his athletic gifts. He could also potentially thrive in an uptempo system and would likely be more successful offensively. 

Draft Express projects Leslie to the Chicago Bulls at No. 30 as the last pick in the first round. In that scenario, Leslie would likely become a more athletic version of Keith Bogans. Draft Express' Mock History shows that Leslie's stock has essentially stayed the same throughout his junior season and the draft process. 

Chad Ford projects Leslie to the Washington Wizards at No. 34 and seemingly would be in play for the New Jersey Nets at No. 36 as Leslie has worked out for them also. 

I feel more confident in projecting where Travis Leslie will be picked in this draft than I do for either Iman Shumpert or Trey Thompkins. Leslie's ceiling is roughly the tail end of the first round and should be gone by the mid-point of the second. I would be shocked if he were still in play for the Atlanta Hawks at No. 48

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.