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College World Series Score, Game 1: Forrest Koumas Pulled, Hutson Randall In Control

After five and two-thirds successful innings, South Carolina Gamecocks starter Forrest Koumas relinquished the hill to Tyler Webb. Though Koumas gave up a run, he -- well, come on. He held Florida's offense to one run. Job done. In the bottom of the sixth, Webb ended up with two Florida Gators on base before flying out Mike Zunino.

Hutson Randall continued his dominance in the top of the seventh, seating all three Gamecocks batters in quick order. In Webb's first full inning of work, he got Brian Johnson to ground out and Josh Adams to pop out to that Middle Earth of a centerfield before walking Tyler Thompson. Daniel Pigott then popped out to end the OH WOW THIS GAME IS BORING.

Carolina is doing a good job of containing Florida's offense, but they're going to need to crack Randall at some point.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.