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Harvey Updyke Trial Postposed, Possibly To Iron Bowl Month

Harvey Updyke's trial for charges of poisoning Auburn's Toomer's Corner trees has been postponed, and now won't happen until November or so. November, you say?

The Alabama Crimson Tide and Auburn Tigers play in Auburn on Nov. 26 this year. Jordan-Hare Stadium is fewer than 10 miles away from the Lee County Courthouse in Opelika, Alabama.

Still trying to figure out whether to tailgate or get to work on a barbwire fence all along the Georgia-Alabama border in advance of this trial, but if these two events coincide, it must just be best to do both. Finalize your wills before walling yourself inside Alabama, friends, and let's go be a part of history. 

Why the delay? Who knows. Updyke's team is constructing a mental disease defense, which could certainly work, while the prosecution does not appear to have the hardest job in the world ahead of it.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.