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UGA, Georgia Tech Football Among Most Likely To Be Investigated, Says Bored Sportsbook

Can you tell the college sports season has officially ended for all but a few programs around the country? has odds on which football and basketball programs will next be investigated, along with odds on which will next commit a violation. The Georgia Bulldogs and Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets both make the top 10 of the football list, coming in at 14/1.

Did not realize the NCAA had time to investigate repeat trips to the Humanitarian Bowl, .500 records and scooter spree arrests, but all right.

If that includes minor violations, UGA's odds might be a bargain, as Mark Richt has done a scrupulous job of self-reporting even the ticky-tackiest crap. If we're talking major violations, however, I can't imagine what either Peach State program has done to earn those odds. 

Both basketball programs escape Vegas' ire, though only a sucker would take those 10/1 odds on Ohio State basketball since former hoops player Mark Titus has already said Columbus football players regularly stunted on their basketbrethren. 

The Florida Gators top all SEC schools in the overall violation category, also rolling up with a special prop bet on how many arrests they'll incur this year.

ht Tom Fornelli

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.