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Mike Hamilton Will Stay On As Tennessee Athletic Director Through June

We already brought the information to you that Mike Hamilton will be resigning as the Athletic Director of the University of Tennessee. But it turns out that his resignation is not immediate, and that he will remain as the AD until the end of June, according to a tweet from Jimmy Hyams.

(Tennessee President Joan) Cronan said an interim has not been discussed. Hamilton will remain thru June 30 and represent UT at COI meetings in Indy June 10-11.

I think it's very honorable for Hamilton to stay on through the COI hearings, and I'm sure that the University will be a lot more confident in Hamilton going in front of the NCAA than some interim guy that doesn't have the knowledge of the situation that Hamilton does.

This also brings about the possibility that there will not be an interim AD before Tennessee hires a new candidate. Hamilton staying on for this month not only means that he'll be able to go in front of the NCAA, but also that Tennessee has a full month to find their next athletic director. Cronan also had this to say about Hamilton.

Joan Cronan on Mike Hamilton: ``Mike Hamilton is a very good athletic director and a wonderful person. Tennessee lost a good man.''

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.