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VIDEO: Madden 12 Entrance Shows Matthew Stafford, Calvin Johnson Introduced By PA

As a devoted NCAA Football homer I've had a hard time finding good things to say about Madden lately, but this is pretty cool. In a video from the ongoing E3 vidja games to-do, Georgia college football stars Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson are personally introduced by the Ford Field public address announcer before taking the field.

Video via the extraordinary @pastapadre:

As with most Madden things, surely this feature will get all dorked up two years into the franchise mode when you're starting a randomly generated rookie at quarterback and your PA guy starts saving some 93-rated fullback for the final introduction.

I would say it's likely to remind everybody of Alabama's tight ends always winning the Heisman Trophy for like six years in a row once you make it past the first season of NCAA 11's Dynasty, but NCAA 11 is the second-best game ever behind only NCAA 12.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.