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VIDEO: Watch Auburn Football Meet President Obama, Wish You Were Watching Trooper Taylor Chestbump

So Auburn's 2010 national championship football team got to meet President Barack Obama Wednesday, which is great and all. Here's a video of Obama's speech, which includes tons of preening by Nick Fairley and Cam Newton, along with a jersey presentation and so forth, but what it lacks is that already legendary Trooper Taylor chestbump. More on that below.

Could that chestbump be the moment that finally unites the powers of Sarah Palin and Paul Finebaum? If you watched closely, you could see Obama's lapel pocket swell immediately after contact with Auburn Tigers ... employee Taylor. You could be fooled into thinking a lump of cash had been swiftly transferred into the president's coat, perhaps for recruiting services or United Nations trade embargoes against Baton Rouge and Tuscaloosa.

Don't be ridiculous. Obama's heart grew ten sizes upon pressing against Trooper's. Making the whole thing even more wonderful, Obama appeared to consent to the chest bump before it's initiated. 

Whether this tops Rasheed Wallace's begrudging encounter with George W. Bush on the list of greatest greetings between athletes and presidents remains to be seen.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.