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Philip Fulmer Wants Tennessee AD Job? Philip Fulmer Wants Tennessee AD Job

Ask a longtime Tennessee Volunteers fan to say something nice about former football coach Philip Fulmer, and they'll tell you nobody loves and lived UT sports more than he does. But does that, along with almost 40 years as a Vols player or coach, qualify him to take over for Mike Hamilton? Just in case it does, Fulmer would like you to know he's interested.

Vols fans at Rocky Top Talk seem mostly opposed to the idea, with one commenter noting, "if Fulmer was fired because he lost control of football, why would they give him the keys to the whole thing?" He's said repeatedly he wants to coach a college football team again -- would taking over an entire athletic department really be what he wants to do, or does he just want to show he can do a better job than Hamilton did? Actually, it would be hard to do a worse job, so why not!

With the mess Hamilton left on the sidelines -- the baseball team remains coachless, for one thing -- and with pending NCAA trouble, UT is almost certainly going to go after an established AD.

My only dog in this fight: keep Derek Dooley around long enough for Vince Dooley's Kennesaw St. Owls to secure a game in Knoxville.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.