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2012 Georgia Football Recruiting: Offering A Punter Is OK When It's Collin Barber

“Wait, we recruited a punter?” Yes, incredulous Dawg fan, we did, and sometimes people buy a Toyota Camry when they could get a Ford Mustang instead, and sometimes people eat Kashi for breakfast instead of delicious Cocoa Puffs, and the world goes on turning. But Mark Richt is no dummy: He knows cannon-legged Drew Butler will be gone after this season, and someone’s got to replace him. And who better than Cartersville’s Collin Barber (6’2", 191), who accepted a scholarship offer shortly after working out in front of Georgia’s coaches in Athens this past June.

Barber averaged about 43 yards per punt last season, and while the coaches currently have no intention of assigning him double duty on special teams, he also put 80 percent of his kickoffs in the end zone and set a Cartersville record with a 54-yard field goal. His coach, Frank Barden, calls him a “big-time weapon” for the Purple Hurricanes.

Yes, that’s apparently Cartersville’s mascot. Feel free to put your Prince jokes in the comments below.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.