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College Football Hall Of Fame May Have Invitation To Remain In South Bend

The College Football Hall of Fame will officially be unveiled as Atlanta's newest pride and joy in 2013's football season, we hope. But South Bend, Indiana, which has been keeping the hall warm for us, says it might be welcome to stay there if it doesn't work out here.

South Bend mayor Stephen Luecke says the city would "consider" keeping the hall around if increasingly grandiose plans for the institution's rebirth in its rightful home fall through. Though halls of fame don't always appear in the towns most commonly identified as the hearts of their respective sports -- COOPAHSTOWN? TRY FENWAY PAHK, PAL -- it's only a matter of time before the hall most earmarked for Atlanta makes its way south.

Talking pretty tough here because I'm pretty sure we'll still get it. Yeah, it would really suck to see the thing remain in Indiana. Indiana! It is not a building about basketball or cars!

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.