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UGA Football's Scooter Curse Continues, Setting Off Christian Robinson

One day after Derrick Lott became yet another Georgia Bulldogs player to be taken out by a scooter, fellow UGA defender Christian Robinson let Athens Police have it on Twitter for a highly disputed traffic ticket received due to scootering.

He's pretty sure Athens 5-0 is out to get football players, and, based on their history of scooter arrests, we aren't about to argue. Here's his rant in full:

It's official. Athens police are maliciously going after football players on scooters. There's nothing u can say to change my mind. 

Ticket reads that it was cloudy rainy, wet ice, medium traffic, ON A DIRT ROAD. .  it's sunny outside. not raining. There were no other cars and I was on a NORMAL ROAD. If they can't tell the conditions how are they a cop?! 

I'm from Atlanta and I've never seen such blatant hunting of a group of ppl by police. I respect their service but misguided motives.  Can't even read the officers name on the ticket. #Smh 

Worst part about it is I can't go to court because it's the week of the Boise st. Game. #Smh. Can't fight it.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.