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To NCAA, LSU Is Georgia Tech's Opposite, And They Mean That As A Compliment

LSU Tigers football is on one-year probation for misdeeds committed by a former coach. During the conference call to discuss sanctions, the NCAA made a point to praise the program for its cooperativeness during the investigation. 

We've now entered a world in which LSU does a better job at playing by the stupid rules than does Georgia Tech. You may need to take a breath or two.

Of course, LSU's case was clearer-cut, and the violations in question definitely provided the program a competitive edge. Tech's didn't, which helps explain why the Jackets put up a little bit of a contest against the NCAA. LSU is also facing a separate investigation due to everywhereman Willie Lyles, so they may need to pick their battles.

(And, yes, LSU got hit harder than did Tech, though their sanctions are all self-imposed. The key is to grovel, beg, and sufficiently self-impose. Ohio State's hilarious self-imposition means Columbus may simply be removed from the map.)

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.