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Texas A&M-To-SEC Rumors Spark Up Again As Aggies Discuss Longhorn Network

It's been awhile, but here we are again. For about a week now, fresh rumors of the Texas A&M Aggies moving to the SEC have surfaced, with the school's concern over the Texas Longhorns new Longhorn Network apparently driving the speculation.

Texas A&M regents are set to meet with Network representatives to discuss what the ESPN-backed television venture means for the Big 12. It's hard to imagine they'll hear anything to like about the network, because, I mean, have you been keeping up with this thing?

If news of that meeting sets off SEC realignment buzz, just imagine what further developments in this story are going to do. A&M can't so much as glance in Austin's direction without stirring up talk that they'll be on their way to God's Conference any day now. But we've been talking about it for years now anyway, so let's keep it up!

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.