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Texas A&M, Oklahoma In New SEC Realignment Rumor

Ah, there we go. It wouldn't be a Texas A&M conference realignment story if the Oklahoma Sooners weren't also involved. How does it go? A&M and Oklahoma plump up the West, while Clemson and ... wait, this is actually coming from national media and not a message board?

The Sporting News' Matt Hayes reports the two programs are eying the SEC, with the main issue being exactly the one you'd expect: the Texas Longhorns new network and its power to broadcast games of Texas high school recruits. The news that the Longhorn Network will feature out-of-state games sent the college football world into a tizzy Tuesday night, and from the sounds of it A&M and Okie feel the same way.

Earlier in the day at SEC Media Days, commissioner Mike Slive said on the subject of superconferences, "I could get to 16 (teams) in 15 minutes."

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.