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Danny Sheridan Dials Down Cam Newton Third-Party Money Man Report

A day after USA Today's Danny Sheridan went on Paul Finebaum's show to report the NCAA was tracking down a man believed to have given something like $200,000 to Cecil Newton for Cam Newton's services -- in the name of the Auburn Tigers, of course -- Sheridan has clarified a few things.

First, as he told the Sporting News' Matt Hayes, he never should have used a catchy term like "bag man" to describe the alleged and unnamed suspect. He also put the odds of the NCAA nabbing its prey at "50-50." However, Sheridan says he has high confidence in his source. 

But remember all Sheridan reported was that the NCAA had a target in mind, not that it was about to nail the perp. While a report like that is so vague it's kind of hard to refute unless the NCAA itself denies it, it also means there's so much wiggle room that he could be one shade or another of technically right pretty much no matter what happens.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.