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VIDEO: Brad Paisley Helps Destroy Arkansas Logo, And Yes, It Involves Lighter Fluid

Fine bloggers and my former faux employers (they pay you - in unexpected hugs!) Friends Of The Program have become the de facto blog of record among those embedded with Arkansas fans, reporting back with much stealth and in constant fear for their lives. Remember when VICE went to North Korea? Here's the college football version, starring country music's own Brad Paisley.

Among mountain folk, this is akin to shooting an Archduke:

WEST VIRGINIA FAN LIT SOMETHIN' ON FAHR and okay there that joke is out of the way.

There's a reason for this affront: Allegedly some other, very-likely-really-crappy band named Eden's Edge (we'll echo/steal FOTP's observation that this is somehow not the promotional site for a 2am TV-MA cable skin flick) apparently burned the WVU welcome mat on Paisley's tour bus (Irony in vandalism? Downright salty, those Ozark folk). Paisley simply returned the favor.

Alas, not a single Razorback fan has read this far past the embedded video. Smeared in the blood of the lamb*, Jihad, or whatever denomination-free Protestant big box churches call Jihad, war has been sworn on Paisley. SEC practicum dictates we side with Arkansas, but EFF that noise - the Hogs married into this family under much protest, and if we had our druthers, would be traded out toot-sweet for the only band of delusional mutant honkies scientifically proven to be more potent and creatively criminal than Hog Nation - Dem F'n 'Eers, that's who.

As a matter of record I'll begrudgingly award Paisley some much needed Nashville credibility points for public immolation. Videotaping an act that alienates thousands of potential Greatest Hits CD purchasers is about as "Ryman footlights" as things get in 2011. But hey - remember that apt and somewhat haunting song during the closing credits of "Justified's" second season finale? Yep: That was The Paise! (I mean, you know, it wasn't bad) Tell ya what, Paise - You trot out that wholesome piece of ass you married to apologize for "According To Jim," and you might win over a few jaded sports bloggers.

*probably just comeback sauce

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.