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Georgia's Nike Pro Combat Uniforms Look Something Like This, Probably

Update: Here's the real thing, via

Georgia Bulldogs football players have been sworn to Nike Pro Combat secrecy by coach Mark Richt, with penalty of death awaiting the first to reveal the uniforms the team is set to wear against the Boise St. Broncos IN TWO WEEKS SQUEEEEEE. What kind of execution a good man like Richt would cook up is hard to say, but it would likely involve loaves and fishermen and a stubborn olive tree. It would make more sense from a distance.

However, as he's a Southern gentleman, coach Richt's inquisition doesn't apply to the ladies. Maria Taylor, former UGA volleyball player, appears to have let slip the basics of Georgia's wardrobe plans

Saw the New Uniforms Nike made for UGAs 1st game-red jersey & pants black belt silver helmet w/red stripe bada$$ gloves black/silver shoes    

That tweet went away quickly. The actual ensemble is set to be unveiled at Saturday's picture day.

For your edification, here's my best attempt at replicating the uniform as described by Taylor and as modeled by Brandon Boykin (note badass gloves):

So badass! Elsewhere, murmurings of red facemasks and dog bone patterns have made their way forth.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.