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College Football Rankings: BlogPoll Looms

It's almost time again for the BlogPoll Top 25. What's BlogPoll? Educate yourself on BlogPoll.

We think it's the world's best college football poll, and we're being totally serious when we say that. Almost all coach's polls are filled out by scurrying athletic department go-fers, the BCS rankings ignore critical margin-of-victory numbers and the AP and UPI polls are slapped together by writers who've spent almost the entire day paying attention to exactly one game.

People like you and I, however, rank teams after having watched multiple games and seen at least parts of a dozen or more, all while digesting scores and results throughout the day instead of all at once. 

SB Nation Atlanta's Week One ballot will be up Friday morning. Meanwhile, check out some of our associates from around our corner of the network ...

Dawg Sports refuses to rank the Georgia Bulldogs, as is sacred custom, while BC Interruption's top 25 has the Dawgs all the way up at No. 7. No. 7! Meanwhile, One Bronco Nation Under God provides a pretty extensive breakdown into their BlogPoll that has the Boise St. Broncos No. 1 (of course) and ranks the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets well ahead of Georgia.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.