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Derek Dooley Bans Mother Barbara From Paul Finebaum Show


To think Paul Finebaum won't hold a grudge over a decision that eliminates one of his best and funniest guests is to never listen to The Paul Finebaum Show. A long time ago (the 90s, it was awesome), the South's maestro of cheap seat malcontents was loathed by his entire listening audience - not just Auburn fans - and labeled a dirty Tennessee Volunteer plant sent to Birmingham to pervert public perception of both the Tide and Tigers. Now with this sleight from Knoxville compounded by PAWL's blossoming love affair with the Saban regime, the demagogue of I-285 has completed full about-face. Well, except for Auburn.

Consider this a loss for college football at large, let alone Finebaum's loyal audience of idiots and guilty pleasure seekers. Babs Dooley routinely shares a stage made famous by Legend, Shane and Tammy without losing even an iota of grace or class. She's the Helen Mirren of college sports media, sent in to valiantly give weight to so many shitty Bruce Willis films.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.