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Georgia Vs. Boise State: Chris Petersen Responds To Brandon Boykin Taunt

Boise St. Broncos kicker Chris Petersen, faced with a personal invitation to kick off to Georgia Bulldogs return man Brandon Boykin, has officially backed down from the challenge. Thus spake the cowardly kicker:

"They have those kickers that coaches lose sleep over and the kick returner who wants a piece of me - and I don't even play," he said. "Don't direct that at me. ... I don't kick the ball. He's talking to the wrong guy. I'm shanking it out of bounds."

S-E-C! S-E-C! 

We realize you "don't even play," kicker. No kickers actually play. It's nothing to be ashamed of.

Even more troubling for the Broncos: the kicker has since been promoted to Boise State's head coaching job. His preference for penalties over direct contact will surely help steer the Dawgs to victory, but you have to hope the poor Broncos get their organizational challenges figured out at some point.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.