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Texas A&M To Join SEC: Now What? A Quick FAQ

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Texas A&M is leaving the Big 12 after the 2011-12 athletic year and will join oh gosh some conference any old conference that'll have a lillole prog'rm like us the SEC. Yes, but what does that mean? Answers to questions you may not have asked:

How does this change Texas A&M's schedule this year? They're not coming here until next year.

How does this change the SEC schedule this year? You're not even listening, but Jeremy Foley may try to convince you otherwise so he can schedule a midseason game against Kennesaw State. Arkansas plays A&M this year, if that's what you mean.

What about future schedules and divisions? That's yet to be announced, but here are some possible scenarios.

Who will be the SEC's 14th team? There's no guarantee there will be a 14th team for 2012, but expect one (or seven!) to be added by 2013. Virginia Tech and Missouri look like the likeliest candidates, especially now that the Hokies have publicly denied interest multiple times. UNC, N.C. State, West Virginia, Louisville and Maryland have also been mentioned as being in the running.

Here are my thoughts on the matter, though let's point out that Maryland has gone out of its way to disqualify itself over the past few days. Let's also point out West Virginia would immediately be one of the most SEC schools in the SEC upon entry.

What's Texas A&M like? They have bizarre traditions, value football above all other sports, obsess to an insane degree over their rival's business and haunt as many message boards as possible. They won't fit in at all!

Why does the SEC want Texas A&M? Texas TV football markets. Texas recruiting. Some other reasons probably, then academicsandothersports, then Texas TV football markets.

Why is Texas A&M doing all this? They're sick of Texas.

Will Texas still play Texas A&M? They've kind of said they won't, and you'd think the divide would be the kind of thing that heals over time, but history suggests otherwise. Georgia Tech left the SEC with a slew of rivals, but has really only hung on to Georgia despite scheduling former rivals Alabama, Auburn and Ole Miss at points over the years.

The Horns seem to think they can land Notre Dame as a rival.

Who will be Texas A&M's new Thanksgiving rival? Maybe Mizzou? I don't know, man.

How much will it cost Texas A&M to leave the Big 12? Numbers from $10 million to $20-something million have been thrown out.

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