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ESPN College GameDay Schedule: First Three Weeks Send David Pollack From Texas To Tallahassee

Georgia Bulldogs legend David Pollack (I really feel like I'm running out of nouns to use when talking about former local college stars -- Georgia Bulldogs great, Georgia Bulldogs star ... what are my options?) is set to begin his inaugural season of ESPN College GameDay appearances. 

What will he be doing? Apparently some sort of buddy duo with former WLOCP rival Jesse Palmer. No telling at this point whether Palmer will begin impersonating Asian drivers and 1970s Atlanta radio personalities a la Pollack's regular weekday co-star.

And where will he be heading? Here's the schedule so far:

Sept. 3: Arlington, Texas (LSU Tigers vs. Oregon Ducks)

Sept. 10: Ann Arbor, Michigan (Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs. Michigan Wolverines)

Sept. 17: Tallahassee, Florida: (Oklahoma Sooners vs. Florida St. Seminoles)

Atlanta's Chick-fil-A game between the Dawgs and the Boise St. Broncos won't get the honor, as last year's game between LSU and the North Carolina Tar Heels did, but that's hardly a snub. It's still super stupid that both games are scheduled at the same time by the same TV meganetwork, though.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.