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Harvey Updyke Plans To Attend Alabama-Ole Miss Game, And Other Revelations

Tommy Tomlinson put together a must-read on Harvey Updyke for the upcoming issue of Sports Illustrated, in which we learn, among other items, that the accused Auburn tree-poisoner expects to be in the stands for the Alabama Crimson Tide's Oct. 15 trip to play the Mississippi Rebels.

A few of the other highlights:

Updyke says he got the idea to use Spike 80DF on the Toomer's Corner oaks from a fellow Iron Bowl attendee. You may have wondered how a retired grandfather who'd worked in law enforcement had such advanced horticultural knowledge.

A deeper look into the man they call Bear Updyke, because that is his name, because he was named after Bear Bryant. Most Internet members know him as a once-devoted Twitter user who enjoyed critiquing the trash talk of Auburn fans. Here he offers a powerful quote:

"I've been in the military," Bear says. "I've seen people die. If the trees die, I will feel bad, yes, but I'm gonna get sleep."

And more!

Yes, we're all annoyed that Updyke's fame continues to grow even though his trial for killing a plant remains months away. I don't really get into the Nancy Grace thrillers, but everything I read about Updyke just makes me want to read more. Can't help it!

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.