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Georgia Basketball Recruiting: Kenny Gaines Picks Bulldogs After 'Sign From God'

Kenny Gaines will be paired with Charles Mann as the Bulldogs' backcourt of the future.

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Georgia basketball recruiting always has the potential to create interesting story lines. When it comes to new recruit Kenny Gaines, the Whitfield Academy guard, it seems that timing was everything.

Gaines talked to Michael Carvell about his decision, saying that a phone call from coach Mark Fox following a prayer session between the recruit and his mother made it seem as though God was sending a sign that Gaines should go to Georgia.

"Really, it was Coach Fox that won me over," Gaines told the AJC. "On Monday night, my mom and I were sitting in my room and praying what decision to make, and what schools to really consider and look at. It was like five minutes after we got done praying, Coach Fox gave us a call. We felt like that really a sign from God. We asked Him to show us as fast as he could what schools to pick. After we got that phone call, we really knew that it was Georgia."

The other schools competing for Gaines were Georgia Tech, Clemson, Iowa and South Carolina, but the timely call from Fox made him decide the Bulldogs were the team for him. In choosing Georgia, Gaines will now be united with fellow recruit Charles Mann in the Bulldogs' backcourt.

For those interested in familiarizing themselves with the newest recruit, the embedded video below should be of interest.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.