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Mark Richt's Hot Seat: Michael Adams Says Something Or Other

Kennesaw State's Vince Dooley, who is busily poring through stacks and stacks of top-notch resumes while looking to help hire the first-ever Owls football coach, took a moment out of his schedule to comment on the coaching matters of another local school

Coach Richt is a proven coach. He's the type of guy you want at Georgia, the way he conducts himself, his character and the way he represents the university. I think he has the support of the greatest majority of people because they believe in him. I believe in him, too. So I think he'll come out of it as other coaches have gone through it and have come out of it. He'll be fine. He'll be here a long time.    

University of Georgia president Michael Adams was much less specific and committal in his ... refusal to fire Richt on the spot? Maybe that's what you call this:

I don't believe I have ever commented on any coach mid season. You know the answer. What we do weith every head coach - every head coach, not just the high-profile head coaches - but at the end of the season the AD sits down and makes a judgment. Then he makes a judgment whether or not he needs to talk to the president about that.    

But Coastal Carolina coach David Bennett, he of the spectacular dog-requesting rant, made up for whatever Adams said by declaring the Dawgs coach 100 percent, Grade-A canine:

I say this to all Georgia fans and people out there, you don't know how special a guy you really have there," Bennett said. "I think they had one losing record, and they're talking about getting rid of a guy that's [one of the winningest active coaches] today. The Georgia Bulldogs will be fine. They'll be fine. If [sophomore quarterback Aaron] Murray stays healthy, they're going to be better than fine.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.