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Larry Munson Hospitalized, In Stable Condition, According To UGA

Apparently contrary to an earlier report, former Georgia Bulldogs announcer Larry Munson is in stable condition after suffering a respiratory infection.

Long-time voice of the Georgia Bulldogs Larry Munson was hospitalized Friday due to a respiratory infection. The University of Georgia's Claude Felton released a statement on the former announcer's condition:

The family has asked me to convey that Larry Munson is recovering from a respiratory infection and is in stable condition.    

Earlier, the Augusta Chronicle had published a report that Munson was "gravely ill" while citing tweets from worried Georgia fans, along with a lengthy write-up of Munson's career. The report's headline was downgraded to "ill" after it raised immediate concerns throughout the state, forcing UGA to comment on the matter publicly. Absolutely could've been handled better by the Chronicle.

Michael Munson, the Georgia Sports Hall of Famer's son, further assured 790 The Zone's Tony Barnhart of his father's stable condition during a Friday broadcast.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.