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Georgia Vs. Ole Miss: On UGA's Offense, Whatever It Is

From a conversation between UGA blog Dawg Sports and Ole Miss blog Red Cup Rebellion, here's friend of the program Mr. Sanchez on Georgia's offensive "bread and butter:"

I wish I knew our bread and butter.  As said in the answer to #1, our offense has kind of been a problem.  We're supposed to be an I-set, playaction attack.  

But our offensive line has been horrible getting a push for years, and our QB hasn't made a lot of good decisions, which are kind of critical in our preferred style of offense.  Right now, Isaiah Crowell seems to be becoming that "bread and butter" type play in inside runs or sweeps.  

We'll use the aforementioned Branden Smith and Brandon Boykin in a lot of misdirection on reverses, in kind of Wildwhatever packages, or in some instances as a straight offensive player either slot receiver or TB. Aaron Murray's mobile, but we don't call many plays for him to run.  Confusing seems like a good description, because even as predictable as Bobo's playbook has seemed, you'll spend much of the game with a confused look asking "why did he call that?"    

A perplexing question indeed. For years, Georgia's offensive scheme has been best described as nondescript. More than once I've been asked about what exactly Georgia's identity on offense is, what their goals are and just what the point of it all is. Since going from the unbuttered pro set thing they've always used to this fancy new spread deal, I don't know if it's become clearer or murkier. Just give to ball to Boykin? I don't know.

The Dawgs are in the top third of the country in total offense despite playing a pair of top-10 teams, so something's working. The running game has fallen behind Aaron Murray's passing attack, but that's to be expected when you have approximately one running back and three-ish offensive linemen, right?

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.