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Let's Make Mike Leach Coach Ole Miss, Every Other College Football Team Too

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Mike Leach will likely never be the head coach of Ole Miss football, but Arkansas sports talk personality Jordan Stuckey went ahead and offered him the job anyway on Monday.

Leach did his lawyerly best to qualify Ole Miss as a great job without expressing direct interest, nor upstaging current head coach and friend Houston Nutt, nor ruling out any other possible job "where they care about winning" in the entire Southeastern Conference and the nation at large. (He only sounds crazy, folks - he can still lawya like a boss)

And now, the dirty, boring, we-never-have-any-fun-Dad! facts:

Consider The Circumstance There's nothing special about Leach and the Ole Miss job - it's simply the likeliest BCS head coaching position to open that would even remotely consider playing Russian Roulette with a guy like Leach. You could expect to hear the same kind of talk on L.A. radio about UCLA in the coming weeks, but no one in the Los Angeles media is aware UCLA fields such a program.

Consider The Source Such a shameless leading question didn't even come from a Mississippi-based program. It came from (BIG REVEAL / SWERVE) Arkansas, courtesy of The Hog Radio, partnered with message board community Hogville.Net, or as their known in the rest of the SEC, "The Shroud of the Ozarks." Black Nikes, puddin' and PETRINO, DAMNIT! What doth Hog Radio care about a potential job opening in Oxford? Everything, and they will forever, as long as Houston Nutt's involved. 

Consider The Timing Again, Leach isn't considered a surefire "get" for every program - Georgia's just as likely to be shopping come December, but it's doubtful they'd show interest  - but he's coveted by enough programs to sit back in Key West and let a robust, complete picture of prospects develop while he reads spy novels, learns Russian while lounging in a Cabana and tries to ignore Jack Arute.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.