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College Football Rankings: BlogPoll Welcomes The AP To #CultOfLes

The LSU Tigers have been No. 1 in SB Nation Atlanta's BlogPoll ballot since Week 2. Just like most of last year, LSU has managed to collect the nation's best resume at the end of every week so far. The AP caught on this week, moving LSU ahead of incumbent Oklahoma, while the Coaches' Poll will take note at some point. Check for the poll results later this morning, but here's our ballot for the week:

And here's our voting breakdown:


Doug Jason




2 Alabama Alabama


3 Oklahoma Oklahoma


4 Wisconsin Boise State


5 Boise State Wisconsin


6 Oregon Stanford


7 Florida Oklahoma State


8 Oklahoma State Oregon


9 Georgia Tech Virginia Tech


10 Stanford Florida


11 Clemson West Virginia


12 Virginia Tech South Carolina


13 Texas A&M Clemson


14 South Carolina USF


15 USF Nebraka


16 Nebraska Baylor


17 West Virginia Michigan




19 Arkansas Texas A&M


20 Baylor Texas


21 Arizona State Louisiana-Lafayette


22 TCU Georgia Tech


23 Ohio State Temple


24 Iowa Arizona State


25 Michigan Illinois

Quick rationale behind my side: Not really all that happy with ranking Oklahoma No. 3, actually, but somebody's gotta go there. Boise State's wins over Georgia and Toledo count as quality, while Wisconsin has sufficiently buried bad teams. From there on out it's a bunch of ehhhhhhhhhhs until we get to ULL at No. 21, which has beaten a good FIU team and put more points on Oklahoma State than Texas A&M did.

Happy with how high we have Clemson and West Virginia, though I don't think either of us trusts Clemson one bit. And after last week when I voted solo and earned the award for least-homery ballot, I think Doug's placement of Georgia Tech might put us in the running for the flip side. Racking up achievements!

Stay tuned to SB Nation for more college football rankings.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.