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Chick-fil-A Game Score: Boise State Extends Lead Over Georgia, 21-7

The one battle you don't want to lose: the contest to see who gets more pumped by the PA's "Zombie Nation" after halftime. The Boise St. Broncos held a group revival on their sideline, while Georgia Bulldogs players milled about. Bad signs abounded.

AND IT SHOWED! Kellen Moore operated from the no-huddle on the half's opening drive, looking so unstoppable that Georgia fans started booing. One nifty play: a double play action, including fake end-around, pass from Moore to a wide open Gabe Linehan, setting up Doug Martin's first impactful rush of the night: a seven-yard touchdown run.

Georgia's now in deep trouble ... well, officially. They pretty much already were. The UGA offense has accomplished nothing, and Moore is now free to bite off short pieces of yardage for the rest of the night. Georgia fans cheer when Martin gets stopped at the line, which has happened a lot, but that only encourages Moore to keep passing, so they should probably hush.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.