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Georgia Vs. Boise State: Ken Malcome Apparently Upset By Playing Time

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With Carlton Thomas suspended and various former Georgia Bulldogs running backs now fighting for NFL jobs or playing I-AA ball, you might've expected Ken Malcome to make an appearance in Georgia's backfield rotation against the Boise St. Broncos

But Isaiah Crowell and Richard Samuel got almost all of the touches, with even freshman wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell and cornerback Brandon Boykin getting more carries than Malcome did.

Here was his mood pregame, via Twitter:

Gameday!!!!! I'm ready !!!!!!!

And here he is postgame:

All dat work I did fa Nun dat really messed me up......... I hate being lied to...... Ain't nobody hurting like me rite now..... get dis chainsaw and feel dis pain dat I feel. I love da support..... I guess ima leave it to da man dats above me. My boys feel me. I speak da truth even if it don't rub u rite..............

After the game, Richt said that Thomas will indeed be available for Week 2 against South Carolina.

What might have kept Malcome off the field? For one thing, the Dawgs were playing against a speedy defense that really only struggled on the ground when matched with speed from Boykin and Mitchell. Samuel is a power back, and Crowell is a big guy with speed. Thomas could've provided a change of pace, but Malcome would've just added another down-hill runner to the mix.

Just speculating here.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.