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College Football Rankings, Week 2 BlogPoll: Resume Voting Is Turbulent Voting

Pretty sure SB Nation Atlanta is going to have some of the most volatile BlogPoll ballots of any site this year. Not only do we have a fluctuating list of voters, our voter most likely to contribute to the collective ballot from week to week is also insane. This time around, partially due to a ridiculous college football weekend that ended on Monday, I'm our only voter, which means we're all but sure to get called out by the poll's higher-ups.

We welcome the consequences and apologize for nothing. The ballot and rationale, which has hurled preseason wisdom out the window and now (poorly) reflects only what's happened on the field:

1 to 2: Two teams won big games this week. They are ranked as such.

3 to 25: Several teams beat teams that may be all right, barely beat teams that are probably good or trounced teams that aren't very good. They are in an enormous heap that no human or machine could file properly. Yes, Baylor is way, way, way too high.

Dropouts: TCU, Mizzou, Georgia, Notre Dame and Auburn are gone for stinking up their respective joints, while the others were preferred by some of other other voters last week and performed ably this time around but not all that ably. I think Penn State was actually one of my votes in Week 1. Penn State came pretty close this time around, but may have been excluded for ease of removal after Bama comes to town, furious that SB Nation Atlanta ranked the Tide out of the top 10 due to YOU GUYS THREW FOUR PICKS TO KENT STATE.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.