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Georgia Vs. Michigan State To Overtime: Spartans Tie Outback Bowl 27-27

The Georgia Bulldogs held a 27-20 lead over the Michigan State Spartans in the fourth quarter of the Outback Bowl and followed that up with a big interception. It seemed as though they were all ready to walk away with a win.

Unfortunately, the Spartans defense was able to stymie the Bulldogs and keep them from running out the clock. The Bulldogs were forced to punt and that's when the Spartans began one last drive, led by quarterback Kirk Cousins.

The Spartans appeared to score with 34 seconds left, but replays showed that the running back's knee was down just a couple yards shy of the goal. The Bulldogs were charged with a facemask penalty and an offsides penalty to move the Spartans to 2nd and inches, which is when Michigan State was able to punch through on a short run by Le'Veon Bell. An extra point later (on a terrific job by the holder on a terrible snap) and the game was tied 27-27 and headed to overtime.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.