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Robert Nkemdiche Being Recruited By Texas, Rest Of Universe

Georgia prep star Robert Nkemdiche will likely be recruited by every single FBS school in the country (and who knows, maybe some FCS ones just for the heck of it) by the time February of 2013 rolls around. Add Texas to a list that already includes national powers Alabama, USC, Oregon, Florida, LSU and everyone just about everyone else courting the defensive end, including his home state teams in Georgia and Georgia Tech, and his brother's current team in Ole Miss.

Technically, Rivals lists his current interested schools count at a paltry 17, but we'd like to officially encourage Nkemdiche to go for the whole 120 - see if you can score an offer letter, glossy pamphlet or monetary offer scribbled on a bar napkin from every school in Division 1! Your life is about to be a living hell of bombardment for the next year, so hey, you might as well start a scavenger hunt.

And in the interest of fostering grammatically correct inappropriate contact from overzealous fans an boosters - it's "Ken-Dee-Chee." Say it a few times, and ignore that first "N."

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.