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Josh Harvey-Clemons' Letter Of Intent Finally Arrives At Georgia

Josh Harvey-Clemons is signed, sealed and presumably delivered to the University of Georgia. According to multiple reports, the letter of intent for Harvey-Clemons to play for UGA was sent university officials Thursday morning, ending a day-long issue in which the player's grandfather had refused to sign off on the Bulldogs.

According to a report by ESPN, there was confusion within the family as to Harvey-Clemons' final choice, and the grandfather, Woodrow Clemons, wanted to avoid a situation similar to the one at Alabama with Landon Collins:

"We are going to sit down as a family Sunday afternoon or Monday evening and talk it out, " the elder Clemons said. "The aunts and cousins will give him their viewpoints. And then me and my wife and Josh will sit down Tuesday evening and finalize everything, so there won't be no last-minute thing like the guy did at Alabama. There won't be an incident like that. We are going to be on the same page. However he chooses, we are going to support it."

Harvey-Clemons, an outside linebacker from Valdosta, is the rated as the second best linebacker prospect in the entire nation by

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.