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VIDEO: Introducing Shutdown Fullback, A SB Nation College Football Show

Spencer Hall of Every Day Should Be Saturday and I are starting up a new show about college football for SB Nation's YouTube channel, which is SO EASY to SUBSCRIBE TO, all broadcast from a wood-paneled basement in Atlanta. Catching a glimpse of it rarely makes people say anything besides, "sounds like the college football Wayne's World," so there you go. I've never seen Wayne's World.


Our channel will also feature shows by Bomani Jones, Amy K. Nelson, Dan Rubenstein, Matt Ufford, and others (with THE preceding each of those names -- I'm by far the least accomplished person to appear on camera in any of these, I'm pretty sure).



If your primary objection to college football shows is that they make way too much sense and do not feature sets decorated with Lane Kiffin in Tennessee gear and portraits of Knowshon Moreno Cranking Dat Superman, you are absolutely in the right place. If you like college football, you are also in the right place. Actually, you are in the wrong place, since this is where you go to subscribe.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.