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Georgia President Sees 'Four- Or Eight-Team Playoff' In College Football's Future

Now that the Big Ten decides to come up with a proposal for a playoff system, let's see whether rival conferences actually support said playoff system. While the other four power conferences have all publicly favored playoff elements as of late, the SEC's been quiet since having its playoff proposal shot down last decade. Yes, that conference that has won the last six consecutive national championships.

On Wednesday afternoon, one SEC school's president came out and said that he could envision the potential for a playoff system soon.

Marc Weiszer of the Athens Banner-Hearld reports that University of Georgia president Michael Adams says that the NCAA could go to a four or eight team playoff in 2014.

It's interesting to see how not only all of the conferences who aren't winning national championships are now pushing for a playoff, but now to hear it from a school in said conference say they could see a playoff happen is intriguing. Maybe the other schools in the SEC are tired of the schools who do win in the SEC of hogging the spotlight, and the hopes of a second or a third SEC team getting into the playoff hunt intrigues them.

It's what everyone seems to want in college football, although there are bigger issues to fix that need attention. Namely the paying of players, rampant boosters and fraudulent recruiters, but whatever makes more people buy into the NCAA's product (you know, the non-profit organization NCAA) works for everyone involved.

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