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Urban Meyer Promises To Recruit The State Of Georgia Hard, And What Else Is New?

Look out, SEC fans! Here comes a given assumption sure to terrify us all - if we were living in Chicago: Ohio State head coach Urban "Ice" Meyer told to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that just like the states of Ohio, Michigan and the rest of the Big 10 footprint, he plans on aggressively recruiting the state of Georgia if a need arises:

"Well there has to be a reason for Ohio State to go down there and recruit against Georgia and Georgia Tech," Meyer said. "There has to be some type of tie. It may be a certain kind of quarterback that fits our system, or maybe it’s a Percy Harvin-type of player that wants to be in our offense. Or you could have a prospect related to someone who went to Ohio State, or you may have a kid who wants to play in front of a stadium of 105,000 people. There would have to be a reason. Coach Withers knows Georgia well and will be spending a lot of time down there. To say we’re going to saturate Georgia with our recruiting efforts, we’re not. We’re going to ‘cherry pick’ and go after the best players. If someone in Georgia is interested in Ohio State, we’ll go after him."

WHY I'll BE! DAMMIT URBZ, THOSE ARE UH, WELL... hm, those are the exact same words every coach in the SEC uses (even Joker Phillips). Kinda seems like a good plan for you guys. Well done.

I suppose this would pass as hot news boding wild reactions if Georgia were in the Rust Belt, where apparently that slow-advancing culture still treats this sport like it's 1965. Rubes. (This is so fun! Now I know why New Yorkers are condescending!)

Meyer's ignorance of the Big 10 "Gentlemen's Agreement" in recruiting is hot news in that particular portion of the country, and certainly we Southerners can now understand how provincial and slow we must have seemed in other forms of business to our Yankee counterparts throughout Reconstruction and beyond. Hell, if there's one facet of our culture that doesn't uphold a philosophy of manners, it's 'crootin, where us simple Southern goobers make Wall Street look like a Bunko party.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.