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College Football Hall Of Fame Budget Slashed By State Of Georgia

What a fun headline to write! The College Football Hall of Fame, which is leaving South Bend after 2012 and hopefully arriving in Atlanta at some point, may have to scale back down more than had been feared. The new Georgia state budget removes $10 million in bond money that had been devoted to the Hall, with college construction looking to be a priority of the budget.

You ain't even mad about Kennesaw State getting $6.5 million for building expansions out of that budget. Like the College Football Hall of Fame, KSU has a football-related project that should hopefully be open for business at some point in 2014ish. I'll stop talking about Kennesaw State now.

One way or the other, the Hall is definitely winding up somewhere besides South Bend. Georgia's financial issues could open the door for another city to make a strong pitch, but the project would need to be derailed to not end up here. This is because the rail it's on leads here, you see. No, they're not actually moving the whole thing via rail.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.