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Bobby Petrino's Police Report Tells Us A Lot About His Character

Long before the brouhaha surrounding last week's Bobby Petrino revelations, it was clear that the Arkansas Razorbacks head coach was a liar. Or, at the very least, untrustworthy. He's infamous in Georgia for the unprofessional and somewhat unbelievable way he departed from the Atlanta Falcons. His reputation is only going to get worse from here. Now that the Arkansas Chief of Police has released his statement surrounding the motorcycle crash that got Petrino into all of this hot water, the details of the report reveal a lot about the coach's nature.

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SB Nation's own Bomani Jones has an insightful look at the Arkansas State Police report of Petrino's motorcycle crash and the nearly-pathological length to which Petrino will go to protects his own interests.

It's not just that Bobby Petrino is a liar. It's that he lies until, literally, there's nothing else to do but tell the truth. When being deceitful, he tells the truth only when there is no other option. And even with a broken neck and ribs, through pain most couldn't imagine, he managed to coordinate a scheme to protect his lies that was, quite honestly, brilliant. If his offense was as focused as his bullshit, he'd be the John Wooden of football.

The entire article is well worth a read-through, so click through and check it out.

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