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Mark Richt, Paul Johnson Both Considered Top 20 Coaches In New Ranking

AOL Sporting News has ranked 114 college football head coaches, and Georgia's Mark Richt comes in at No. 14 overall and Paul Johnson at No. 19. While lists such as these are entirely arbitrary (and designed to elicit posts just like these debating them), there's some curiosity ranking Richt behind such coaches like Michigan State's Mark D'Antonio (No. 13) and TCU's Gary Patterson (No. 7), neither of which have won a major conference title.

The top five are the usual suspects (in order): Nick Saban, Boise's Chris Peterson, Urban Meyer, Les Miles (the strongest critique of Miles usually comes from his own LSU fans) and Bob Stoops, jokingly nicknamed "Big Game Bob" for his multiple bowl and championship game losses. There's room for debate, but nothing there worth screaming about.

Then again, second-year head coach James Franklin of Vanderbilt is ranked No. 25 with only six career wins, and BYU's Bronco Mendenhall is behind Richt at No. 15. Check the entire list out here, but understand that there's no reliable metric to actually rank head coaches, and this is purely for the fun of conjecture.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.