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Georgia Football Could Benefit From SEC's 6-1-1 Schedule... If Auburn Implodes

The crux of the future scheduling argument for a 14-team SEC has been coach grumblings about the disparity among certain schools' permanent cross-division opponents. Once it became evident the league wasn't willing to do away with annual traditions like Alabama vs. Tennessee and Georgia vs. Auburn, the issue (at least to Les Miles) boiled down to permanent opponents like LSU and Florida hurting each other in the divisional race.

If the SEC holds to their current model and determines division winners by overall conference records - a model that put UGA in the SEC Championship despite their loss to South Carolina - the Bulldogs could enjoy a small advantage over Florida, who has to play LSU annually, and South Carolina, who will now be paired with Texas A&M.

That's not to say Auburn - two seasons removed from a national title - is some kind of annual cakewalk. But now more than ever, the Dawgs have a vested interest in rooting against the entire well-being of the Tiger program. Each SEC team will now only see one "new" face each season (the last "1" of the aforementioned "6-1-1"), and a weakened AU program would immediately boost Georgia's chances of appearing in Atlanta more often than not.

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