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SEC Has Playoff Recommendation Ready, Likely Sticking With 6-1-1 Schedule

The SEC league meetings are coming to a close and despite much debate on the matters it looks like the conference is ready to proceed with a playoff recommendation and a schedule format for the new 14-team league.

As expected the SEC, along with the Big 12 will push for a playoff format that does not restrict inclusion to conference champions only. Not a big surprise and nor should it be since the conference has routinely had multiple teams in the top four for the last several seasons. Expect to hear much debate on that subject and it is one of the last major hurdles that the new playoff will have to clear.

Also after much debate it looks like the SEC will be sticking with the 6-1-1 scheduling format. While it met some opposition, particularly from LSU coach Les Miles, the conference looks like it will keep the plan which permanently ties a member to a cross division rival. That saves the annual Georgia-Auburn clash becoming a non-annual event.

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