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UGA Drug Policy May Have Negative Impact On Football Program

The Georgia Bulldogs have installed a very strict drug policy that results in suspensions for first-time offenders. Unfortunately, this policy may result in more negative results for the school and its football program than positive ones.

Andy Staples at Sports Illustrated reports that while the Bulldogs' ultra-strict drug policy has noble intentions, it may end up making Georgia the target of ridicule within the SEC.

Georgia's policy calls for a 10-percent of the season (one game in football) suspension for the first offense and a 30-percent of the season (four games in football) suspension for a second positive. At all but two other schools in the SEC (Kentucky and Mississippi State), a player who tests positive the first time does not miss a game.

Staples points out that this policy not only puts the program at a competitive disadvantage within their conference, as the other teams will let similar infractions slide without any sort of missed time. In addition, the policy will open the school up for further ridicule as names of offenders are released to the public and the media.

Staples' full article is well worth checking out, so give it a read if you have a moment. We will have to wait and see how this policy works out for the school.

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