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College Football Playoff: Georgia Freezes Scheduling In Reaction, Expect More Schools To Follow

Georgia football isn't taking any leaps of faith regarding the new college football playoff structure. Even though the format has been announced, the specific requirements for teams to be selected has not yet been determined, meaning that SEC schools like the Bulldogs will be carefully weighing their scheduling options until a clear criteria is announced. Sayeth UGA A.D. Greg McGarity to the Macon Telegraph:

"When the dust settles from the recent news yesterday, I'm sure we'll meet as a conference and discuss how big of a component the strength of schedule is going to play, and certainly listen to the commissioner, and try to get a read on where he feels we are as a conference," McGarity said.

Compounding matters for UGA is the new, yet-to-be-finalized format of the 14-team SEC schedule, and their annual commitment to play Georgia Tech. The SEC has announced they'll stay with eight games a year, so that leaves the Dawgs with three spots to fill after the Jackets.

What will be absolutely crucial is how the pending structure of the selection committee dictates their criteria for the four playoff teams. If strength of schedule more paramount than the number of losses, expect big-time series like the ill-fated UGA / Ohio State deal to reemerge. But if perfection is requisite, UGA and most other big schools will line their out-of-conference slate with rent-a-wins against low tier FBS teams and FCS homecoming games.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.